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Clash of Clans Hack For iOS and Android

eDu8XTn Clash of Clans Hack For iOS and Android

Clash of Clans is one of most popular games now at 2013 that is played on Phones and Tablet devices. So hack developers just could not pass it without making game hack. Well known “MimicProduction”  made this grate Clash of Clans Hack that allows you to add Gems,Gold Elixir and Dark Elixir almost in any quantity to the Clash of Clans game. So it’s up to you folks to play the game in honest way, just like Clash of Clans game developers wanted or add some fun and rock the world using this Clash of Clans Hack.

Clash Of Clans Hack Tool Video Tutorial and Proof

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Is It Safe To Use Clash Of Clans Hack

Absolutely YES! This amazing underground hack and crack developer team always make top quality software to allow people cheat the system and have amazing game experience. Clash of Clans Hack is made in really simple and same time smart way that sent information about gathered in game resources in normal way, just how it is meant to be, and hides data inside pocket files, that game regularly exchanges with the server about resources that was gathered using Clash of Clans Hack. No fear should be felt using Clash of Clans Hack.  ”MimicProduction” never disappointed us, trust them with all my heart if things are talked about hack using.

Clash Of Clans Hack Requirements

Clash Of Clans Hack Requirements

You will need iTunes(to transfer hash file to iOS device).

  • Device: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation),iPad
  • Device operating system: iOS 4.3 or later, Android
  • PC operating system: Windows, Mac
  • No Jailbreak is Needed for Clash of Clans Hack to work.


Clash Of Clans Hack Setup

Clash Of Clans Hack Setup

  1. UnRaR downloaded hack, start it and wait till it loads up.
  2. Enter device information, operating system and number of required Gems and other resources if needed.
  3. Press generate button and wait till process is finished. Hash file with new game configuration information will be saved in Documents folder.
  4. Start iTunes and connect your iOS device, transfer generated hash file to your iOS device and then disconnect from iTunes.(For Android simply put Hash file on your device)
  5. Restart you iDevice and start Clash of Clans game, required resources will be added.
  6. Enjoy playing Clash of Clans and rock the world.

File Information

File Name: Clash of Clans Hack
File Size: 7.5 MB
Virustotal Scan: Click Here To See Scan Results



  1. Hello. I would like to say big thank you from Netherlands. I have downloaded Clash of Clans resource hacker and it is fantastic program. I am using Galaxy tab to play this game and after producing hash file and putting it on my galaxy tab i got gems. Thank you soo much.

  2. Does this hack work for android galaxy note 2 phone cause it’s the only device I use to play clash of clans

    • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

      Yes it does. Folder now contains 2 hacks first for iOS and second is for Android.If you start android version you will have to select your device and android version. Later on we will update video for this.
      Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  3. Does it work? Is this hack updated to the latest patch?

    • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

      Really good questions to be honest. And the answer is :
      When new Clash of Clans patch comes out. Developers test it if its working or not. If not they work hard to update this Clash of Clans Hack and if you can see it on EkszGameSoft that means it is updated and working.

      Thanks for this questions hope it will helps some people who is still struggling with their download.

  4. Just tested this and it really worked. Happy Moments haha

  5. i filled out a survey and still awaiting download. idk whats wrong

    • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

      Hello, please wait a while it might take some time to verify that survey was successfully completed.If nothing happens then you didn’t complete survey right way. 1000 + Happy hack users and survey participants cant go wrong!
      Please comeback and reply with your success or failure.

  6. why do i have to do all these surveys

    • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

      Ok will explain everything one more time. But only because it is my work as i am moderator here!

      Hack or other useful software developers spend hours to produce quality software and afterwards they want to sell this software. But only small amount of people buy this software for little amount of money. So they come to our website and let us to introduce their software to people. What EkszGameSoft does? We allow people to download this software’s for participation in our advertisers surveys and offers this way fr each successfully completed survey we get paid some cents. And if lets say file that was downloaded is Clash of Clans Hack then we pay 80% of that money to hack developers. This way developers earn money for their work and software users get their desired software for only spending some time participating in this annoying surveys. If you have any other questions i am sure this page will help you out: Download Help

  7. lol, am in love with this hack guys, working exactly as described, but really would sugest you guys to make it without surveys more people will download it then.

  8. Really worked cant bealive my eyes, this is actually my 3 rd website from where i tried to download clash of clans hack but it never worked befor. Thanks EKSZGAMESOFT Thanks soo much Am soo happy hah :)

  9. Hey!
    I read the instructions and wathched the video but It doesn’t say how to put the hash file on your iDevice using iTunes. A little help please? I never use iTunes and I don’t know how to this.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

      Ehm I toad its not that difficult? How do you put music? Or txt file to your iDevice? Start iTunes and just transfer it. Hope you made it Thanks

  10. do i need to pay for this?
    does it work in Pakistan?
    im just asking i have not tried it yet.

    • I am from Libia and it work well! Its free as long as you download it here and participate in stupid survey :D Or you can ask admin to let developers sell it to u, but it would coast some money :( Read coments below they ll help u!

  11. Wwhat do I open the file with?

  12. Is this hack tool will work in india,
    Am from India…plz reply soon.

  13. Do you not any offers for UK? No offers come up when i try to download? As requested i have e-mailled screenshot to e-mail address stated.

  14. im from Philippines . any suggestion to download??

    • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

      Just do the advertisement offers and you can download and use Clash of clans hack.

      • Have you successfully download it? Protec…. Always pop out

        • Yes downloaded it after trying to complete this survey for 20 minutes, but i understend now how to make them, i had to confrim email so that pop up will go away. And this hack is cool, really dont understand how they make this hacks but it work.

  15. Unbelievable first legit stuff that really works after completing survey. To be honest i didn’t believe it is real, and after completing survey waited almost 4 minutes till download unlocked. So guys be patient download page does unlock after some time.

    Grate work Ekszgamsoft!

    • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

      Happy for you mate. As I said before EkszGameSoft is not another scam website that makes people to do surveys for nothing. We re Real Authority website that does reviews about gaming software’s. We work with many software developers that would like to stay anonymous and before we accept their software to promote on we double check that it really does it’s Job.

      Thanks for you review comment, With Respect Jake

  16. Fantastic tool, downloaded, and did what it was told and got 90 000 gems on my iphone, will definetly tell my friends about it.

  17. Okay, so I wanted to try this out, but the ‘Protected Content’ thing never gives a link. Can’t download, can’t try.
    i am from sweden!!
    what is youre email?

    • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

      Hey Dennis. We re sorry but there re surveys for Sweden, Please participate in them and don’t lie about it. You think it is fear for developers to work for free? I am not going to answer comments like this anymore, it’s really simple SURVEY>>DOWNLOAD>>USE or BUY>>DOWNLOAD >>USE….
      No other way guys.If you really cant participate in offers because of your country please mail us with you country and screenshot to and we will contact hack developer to sell it to you.
      Thanks for understanding..

      With all Respect Jake

  18. I need help no surveys for my country and whom should i mail my screenshot ?

    • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

      Please email us with your Country and Screenshot of download page to prove that you can’t participate in Offers to

      With all respect Jake EkszGameSoft

      • Check ur mail i send u my country and the screenshot and im from lebanon by the way and ty for ur reply

        • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

          This Hack developer will contact you with information and price. To be fully honest it’s much better to do damn surveys and get it than buying because it will cost you 20+$ I am sure…
          Anyway hope you will enjoy it
          With respect Jake EkszGameSoft.

  19. Okay, so I wanted to try this out, but the ‘Protected Content’ thing never gives a link. Can’t download, can’t try.
    I am portuguese
    Any suggestions?

    • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

      As I said before, mail us screenshot that you cant download it because there is no offers for your country and I will sent you Hack developers contact details so you can buy this of him. Thanks

  20. I filled survey and received my hack Thanks for it, but could you explain whats the point of this surveys for soft producers?

    I have heard a lot about surveys are scams and to be honest didn’t believe at start that this is real. Thank you for not failing my thrust!

    • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

      You’re more than welcome! Thanks for taking part in survey, hope you really enjoyed this soft.
      For soft producers like “MimicProduction” that made this hack, surveys help them to earn money for their work. They’re selling their software but not many people’re buying it because they thing it’s scam. Nova days there re too many scamers online. So people re more likely to participate in survey than pay money for software. Advertising companies pays money to Developers and EkszGameSoft is just a review website that bring customers and shows them how to get software that they want for free. At the end everybody’re happy! That is how it works.
      Hope now you realise why surveys’re for

  21. Okay, so I wanted to try this out, but the ‘Protected Content’ thing never gives a link. Can’t download, can’t try. :( Any suggestions?

    • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

      This is because there is not available offers for your country. Mail us screenshot to prove that you can’t participate in survey, and I will sent you Hack Developers details so you can contact them and buy this Hack if you want!

  22. Awesomnes inside. Legit hack, I am playing Clash of clans on iPad as well. This really saved my ass from buying gems

  23. Bro thanks for awesome share, i really do hate surveys but at least you did not lie that it is really working. Hope MimicProduction will continue relising such a grate stuff haha :)

  24. Thanks for such a nice share, tried 3 different hack only this one really worked. I am level 16 now will level up pritty fast. Time to rock the world as it says in the post

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