Tuesday , 1 December 2015

League of Legends Skin Unlock Hack

Skin Unlock hack is a program that installs selected skin to you league of legends game folder making it available for a pick and all that for free. Basically when you buy skin from league of legends they sent skin and install it to your LoL game folder making it available for you to pick and use. League of Legends Skin Unlock Hack was made for you to install League of Legend skins for for free without letting Riot to see it. And updates comes regularly making new skins available for use. We would absolutely love to let all player in the world to find out about this hack and start using it, if number of hack users will increase Riot will stop asking players for money and might even let player to get any skin for free.

League Of Legends Skin Unlock Hack Video

Any Risk Get Banned For Using League Of Legends Skin Unlock Hack

Risk is minimal, almost equal to zero because Riot will never find out  that you did not buy skin but used this League of Legends Skin Unlock Hack to get it for free. For them it iss like looking for a needle in the haystack . Thousands of players are  using League of Legends Skin Unlock-er at this stage and number is constantly increasing. From my experience nobody that I know got banned for using League of Legends Skin Unlock Hack.

League Of Legends Skin Unlock Hack Setup

League Of Legends Skin Unlock Hack Setup

It’s really simple and easy to start using this skin unlocking software. Just follow four easy steps:

  1. After download UnRaR League of Legends Skin Hack folder and press on start icon.
  2. Program will ask to show League of Legends Game folder location on your PC.
  3. After game folder location is set LoL Skin Unlock Hack will start.
  4. Then just select hero that you want and available skins will show up,select which skin you prefer and activate it.

File Information

File Name: League of Legends Skin Unlock Hack v2.3.rar
File Size: 10.9 MB
Virustotal Scan: Click Here To See Scan Results




  2. hey guys i cant dowload it

    It writes me “Download was paused.This file is protected against illegal use.You can download and use it after completion of any quick offer below!”
    what can i do ?

    • Duuuude :D Do survey and u’ll get it. And u’ll never need to buy skins anymore. Well dunno about new skins but i downloaded this yesterday and got all skins i wanted. ry it urself..

  3. Hey, can you send me the tool, you say its part of avertising but i dont know how to do a survey, if you could please sell it to me at least i will buy from paypal here is my email : juan.817@hotmail.com

  4. Emm there is no new Morgana skin! Will it be updated?

    • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

      Checked, yes it’s true. I sent update request to hack developer .It should be fixed soon! Thanks for letting us know.

  5. Yes, I clicked on download and it was fine until it hit about 9 seconds *your download will start in 9 seconds* after that it kind of blackened and said i needed to complete an offer, so i did a survey for the nike/adidas thing and then it told me i still didnt complete one. Help please? :(

    • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

      In How to download section you will find information why this happened. If offer is not mobile phone submit you should wait at least 2 minutes till download page will unlock. Try it out again if you really did fill in offer it should be saved in you cookies so you can access later and download this file again. Usually re-download time is 24h.

  6. Dunno how it works and why Riot allows this but i fukk en got all my champ skins haha, amazing!

  7. lol why you set survey on

    • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

      Surveys are part of advertising, our website EkszGameSoft.com is only reviewing useful gaming software. But software developers are allowing users to download their stuff for surveys in exchange. That’s the rules. We re sorry.

  8. For real? xD or u wanna only steal accs? let me see my comment without a aprovation

    • Jake (E.G.S.|Admin)

      Did not understand you questions. What’s the point of your stolen account to us and how we gonna steal it?

  9. Awsome skin hack. Got all my favourite skins. Really satisfied, Guys if you re thinking to download it do it its worth it. An that nasty survey actually does not take too much time, i had experience with survey download beffor after u finished it just wait a bit till download starts.

  10. Thank you so much i got my favourite tryndemere demon blade skin, i was dreaming to get it for a long time.AMAZING

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